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FINAL Barnadown 14th April 2019 approximate class start times  open novice primary

Borris VS in Coilog. See our facebook page  Start List

Mullingar schools draw    list of team members

Gorey Community School running order

Salerno sunday 3rd march runnning order and timetable

Boswell Sunday 17th February 2019     open    novice 

Broadmeadow 3rd February 2019

Tipperary 27th January 2019

wexford 20th January 2019  open teams primary teams primary order of jumping

novice teams

Barnacarroll December 16th 2018 schedule

Broadmeadow December 2nd 2018 start list

Warrington 25th November running order and start list

Kiloserry 11th November Open teams Novice teams Novice Individual

Wexford 4th November Open Novice Primary

Colaiste Bhride Carnew @ Barnadown: Open Teams | Novice teams | Primary Teams

Wexford Equestrian
St Gerards Boswell
Newbridge at Coilog: Open teams | Primary Teams | Novice teams
St Kierans Warrington







Mullingar Legaue Final April 15th 2018 START LIST

Mullingar 11th March 2018            Teams                Individuals

Gorey Community School in Barnadown 25th February      start lis


Boswell saturday 17th February    open start list     novice start list

Tipperary Equestrian Centre January 27th start list

Wexford Interschools January 21st.

Open start list            Novice start list         Primary start list          Primary running order.

Killoserry. January 14th start list


Broadmeadow January 7th click here for Start List


  • Start time: 10am with Open Teams followed Open Ind & 1.10m. Novice Team approx 12pm followed by Novice Ind (approx 12.30).


Ballimona - CANCELLED

Broadmeadow December 3rd 2017 - click here for Start list

Newbridge College in Coilog 26th November 2017 Start list is  posted on our facebook page

www.facebook.com/EquestrianInterschoolsIreland    or click here Open Teams primary and novice teams

Warrington 19th November 2017 Start list is posted on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/EquestrianInterschoolsIreland    or click here

Killosery 12th November 2017

Open Teams

Open Individual

Novice Teams

Novice Individual

Loreto Wexford Charity Show

Novice Teams

Open Teams 
Primary Teams

JAG Equestrian Centre 22nd October 2017  running order


Colaiste Bhride Carnew @ Barnadown Equestrian Centre 15th of August



Mullingar  October 9th 2017  start list   Individual lists sand 1 and 2. Note Open Individual league and 110 will follow open teams in International Arena at approximately 1pm.

Kilkenny College Warrington 1st october 2017      teams

Newbridge College Coilog 24th September 2017

Start List is on facebook page or click here

St Gerards Bray Boswell September 16th 2017.



Wexford Equestrian Centre September 10th 2017.






Final Mullingar Equestrian Centre 8th April 2017

Running Order and times.

Open start list

Novice Start List

primary start list.



Hunter Trials start list

2016-2017 START LISTS:

Start Lists may also be found on the Calendar Page or on the Organisers Websites/ Facebook Pages

Galway Equestrian centre 1st April 2017

Galway Equestrian Centre 17th March 2017  



Mullingar EC 12th March 2017

Jesus and Mary Secondary School Salerno Galway, Duffys Equestrian Centre

Gorey CS in Barnadown on Sunday 26th February 2017

Boswell Saturday 17th February  2017  

Cavan EC 11th February 2017

Tipperary EC 29th January 2017

Killossery Lodge Stud 22nd January 2017  

Broadmeadow EC 8th January 2017

Ballinamona EC 11th December 2016

Broadmeadow EC 4th December 2016 

Presentation Athenry, Ballinasloe Showgrounds 27th November 2016

St Kieran's, Warrington EC 20th November 2016

Killoserry Lodge Stud 13th November 2016

Wexford EC 6th November 2016:

JAG Equestrian 30th October 2016

  • Running Order
  • Schedule:Open Teams 9am followed by Open Individual followed by 110 class. 
  • Novice teams will commence approx. 13.30pm followed by novice and primary individual.
  • Running Order also available on their Facebook page by lunchtime on Saturday 29th October.

Ard Scoil Na Tronoide Athy, Coilog Sunday 23rd October

Colaiste Bhride Carnew October 15th 2016

Mullingar Equestrian Centre October 9th 2016

Kilkenny College 2nd October 2016

Newbridge College 25th September 2016

St Gerards, Boswell EC 17th Septemeber 2016

Wexford EC September 11th 2016

2015-2016 start lists

Enniscorthy start list: Please contact organizer

Final Mullingar 17th April 2016

Colaiste Pobal Osrai Raheen Na Gun

Galway Interschools 2nd April 2016. For start list, please contact the organiser.

Ard Scoil Na Troinoide Coilog March 20th

Meadows Equestrian Centre March 17th

Galway Equestrian Centre March 17th

Hunter Trials start list: www.cbcarnew.ie

Salerno Duffy's equestrian centre 6th March 2016

Gorey CS  Barnadown Saturday 27th february 2016

Boswell Equestrian Centre 20th February 2016 - also see Facebook page or contact organiser

Kernans 6th February 2016: Please contact organiser.

Tipperary Start List January 31st 2016

Killoserry Lodge Stud January 17th 2016

Broadmeadows Equestrian Centre January 10th 2016

Cavan Equestrian Centre Novemeber 28th 2015

Killoserry Equestrian Centre November 21st 2015

St Kierans @ Warrington EC November 15th 2015

Wexford Equestrian Centre 8th November 2015 Open Teams

Wexford Equestrian Centre 8th November 2015 NoviceTeams

Wexford Equestrian Centre 8th November 2015 Primary Teams

Kildare International 1st November 2015 Open Teams

Kildare International 1st November 2015 Novice Teams

Kildare International 1st November 2015 Primary Schools

Mullingar Equestrian Centre 11th October 2015 Open Teams   

Mullingar Equestrian Centre 11th October 2015 Open Teams Novice Teams

Kilkenny College White Cup @ Warrington EC Sunday 4th Oct

St Gerards College Boswell Equestrian 19th September 2015 Open

St Gerards College Boswell Equestrian 19th September 2015 Novice

Wexford Equestrian Centre 13th September 2015 PRIMARY

Wexford Equestrian Centre 13th September 2015 NOVICE TEAM

Wexford Equestrian Centre 13th September 2015 OPEN TEAM



Start list for Final @ Coilog 11th/12th April 2015

Raheen na Gun April 6th 2016 Timetable

For Ballinamona April 4th start list go to Ballinamona website

Ard Scoil Trionoide in Coilog 22nd March 2015

Galway Equestrian Centre contact Frances 0861713601 or visit its facebook page

Start list Salerno in Duffy's 8th Mar 2015

Gorey Community School 1st Mar 2015

Boswell Equestrian Centre 21st Feb 2015

Cavan Equestrian Centre 14th Feb See Website

Kernans Equestrian Centre 7th Feb: Please contact organiser

Mullingar Equestrian Centre 31st Jan 2015

Wexford Equestrian Centre 25th Jan 2015 OPEN

Wexford Equestrian Centre 25th Jan 2015 NOVICE

Wexford Equestrian Centre 25th Jan 2015 PRIMARY

Tipperary Equestrian Centre 18th Jan 2015

Cavan Equestrain Centre 29th Nov 2014 OPEN

Cavan Equestrian Centre 29th Nov 2014 NOVICE

St Kieran's in Warrington EC 23rd Nov 2014

Killossery Equestrian Centre 22nd Nov 2014

Wexford Equestrian Centre/Good Counsel 9th Nov 2014

Kildare International Equestrian Centre 2nd Nov 2014

Colaiste Bhride Carnew in Barnadown EC 18th Oct 2014

Mullingar Equestrian Centre 12th Oct 2014

Kilkenny College in Warrington EC 5th Oct 2014

Newbridge College in Coilog EC 28th Sept 2014

St. Gerard's in Boswell EC 20th Sept 2014: www.stgerards.ie/senior-school/senior-equestrian/




2013 - 2014

2014 Final Weekend start list

Ballinamona start list: Please contact Vahe 0876847752

Gorey CS @ Barnadown: see Gorey CS website

Ard Scoil Na Troinoide Athy @ Coilog

Salerno Start List

Ross House start list: Please contact organisers

St Aidan's hunter trials start list

Boswell start list: check Boswell website

Cavan start list: check Cavan website

Mullingar start list

Jan 26th 2014 Wexford Start List

Jan 14th 2014 Tipperary Equestrian Centre Start List

Jan 12th 2014 Broadmeadow Start List

14th December 2013 See Ballinamona website for start list

8th December 2013 Broadmeadows Start list

30th November 2013 Cavan EC See www.cavanequestrian.com for start list.

17th November 2013 St Kierans college at Warrington Kilkenny start list

10th November 2013 Claremorris start list

3rd November 2013 Kildare International start list

26th-27th October 2013 Please Contact organisers

  • Kernans EC, Saturday: James Kernan 0868370376
  • Laurel Hill, Sunday: Start List

Carnew Interschools, Barnadown 19th October 2013

Mullingar Equestrian Centre 13th October 2013

Kilkenny College, Warrington October 6th 2013.

Please contact organisers

Newbridge College, Coilog September 28th 2013.  

St. Gerard's, Boswell September 21st 2013.


Wexford Equestrian Centre September 15th 2013.