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03.04.13 :: Feedback for Wexford Equestrian Centre Interschools 19th May 2013

Hi Everyone,

We are hoping to get feedback for the Interschools in Wexford Equestrian Centre on the 19th of May 2013. Are people interested in attending this show even though the season is over? We were hoping to hold something different including an all-weather cross country style track which is available. We were wondering what competitors would prefer:

Would competitors prefer to have a team event over a derbry style course or a normal showjumping track? The derby/ jump cross course would include XC fences and knockables etc.

There will also be individuals over the derby track but we would like to see if there is any interest in the derby team event!

Please let us know by emailing us ASAP to our email address; admin@equestrianinterschools.com

There will also be a poll on the facebook page so let the kids know to get onto facebook and like the equestrian interschools ireland facebook page (if they haven't done so already!) and get voting on the poll!

Thanks everyone!

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